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China Trademark Registration

Updated on Tuesday 12th March 2019

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China-Trademark-Registration.jpgOpening a company in China means respecting a series of requirements among which the ones related to the registration of a trademark in extremely important. China intellectual property is a sensitive subject which needs to be treated in accordance, especially if you are a foreign entrepreneur looking for establishing a business in China. We invite you to address your questions to our team of company formation specialists in China about how you can register the trademark in this country. Also, if you are interested in opening a WFOE in China, do not hesitate to talk to our advisors.

What kind of trademark can I register in China?

Your main business activities will have to be represented by different types of marks, slogans, and/or trade names which need to be registered with the entitled authorities. It is important to make some verifications and see if your logo and name are not used in China. It is good to know that in matters of China trademark registration the “first-to-file” principle applies. Registering the trademark for your business in China will protect your intellectual property and will allow you to properly develop your business activities in China. Complete information in this matter can be provided by our company formation agents in China who are at your disposal with guidance and support at any time.

Filling and submission conditions for trademark registration in China

There are several requirements involved in the registration of trademarks in China and among these, the full name of the owner and the business, and the country of origin will have to be presented both in English and Chinese. The following conditions will help you understand better the entire trademark registration process in China:
1. The available application form needs to be stamped or signed by the business owner.
2. The description of goods and/or products of the company is mandatory at the time of application.
3. A black and white version of the trademark needs to be submitted.
4. In case the convention priority is claimed, the applicant needs to submit the application number, plus the name of the country.
5. The power of attorney and the certificate of incorporation are necessary.
The normal stages in China trademark registration involve the verification of the documents and formalities, a primary investigation and a review before the intellectual property is accepted and registered. The certificate of trademark registration in China is then issued by the authorities. Entrepreneurs need to know that in case the application has been refused, they can appeal the decision to the Chinese courts within 15 days, with the possibility of extending for 30 days.

Does a preliminary trademark search necessary?

Yes, it is quite important to have a preliminary trademark search and avoid as much as possible any legal complications. A trademark search helps an entrepreneur avoid using an already registered logo, mark or any other representative sign. This way, the possibility of being rejected by the authorities can be diminished. 

Protection of intellectual property in China

The Chinese authorities pay complete attention to the intellectual property rights and can exclude all the imported and/or exported products which contravene such rights. The trading sector in China is supervised by the General Administration of Customs in China, the authority that needs to verify if there are suspected products in matters of intellectual property. If you would like to open a company in the import and export sector in China, we recommend you get in touch with our company formation representatives in China and find out how we can help. 

What is the validity of the trademark in China?

Trademarks in China are available for 10 years with the possibility of renewing them for other 10 years. Let our team of consultants offer you more details about China intellectual property and the registration in this matter. Also, if you are interested in company registration in China, do not hesitate to talk to our consultants and solicit a personalized offer in this matter.
China trademark registration is subject to a series of rules and regulations comprised by the Law of the People's Republic of China. It is important to pay attention to the trademark verification in China, bearing in mind that there are thousands of registered companies in this country, having chances to create and present the same logos or marks, in some cases. 
Let our team of company formation agents in China take care of all the requirements in matters of China intellectual property. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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